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Raghavendra Rathore 
Fashion Designer

Jodhpur is the new destination city, for the future of travel. The JFG, now on every itinerary, is one of the gems that has contributed to this remarkable positioning of the city nationally and globally. The fusion of the city’s rich heritage and the prodigy artist from across the world, transport the city to a new rhythm, that carefully celebrates multiple cultures while blending our rich past. Organised with a genuine passion, the festival is overseen with a sense of responsibility, good management and importantly a sense of leisure, making it an “must attend” festival on one’s yearly calendar.

JFG Festival

Shobhaa De 
Indian Writer & Columnist

The entire concept of the JFG Festival is exceptional because you will never get this electrifying combination of global musicians coming together with local folk singers anywhere else in the world. Flamenco and Gypsies – wow! And Jodhpur provides the JFG a truly magical setting. It showcases local culture, music and dance in an ambience that is entirely enchanting. It was an absolute treat to enjoy top Flamenco artists of high repute performing over three nights with Indian dancers and singers. The whole package – a unique festival under the stars at a 500 year-old fort – deserves wider recognition as a vital cultural property. I hope the next edition of the JFG gets bigger and receives more attention on the international culture circuit.

JFG Festival

Fahad Samar 
Indian Author of Best Selling Book ‘The Scandal Point’

The festival was magical, mesmerizing and overall Mehrangarh Fort is the most perfect venue for any kind of event like this. And the fact that this is the return to roots of Gypsies all over the world is just another manifestation of how Mehrangarh and His Highness have been doing wonderful innovative things to further enhance Jodhpur as the cultural capital of India.

JFG Festival

Simone Singh 
Indian Bollywood Actress

The concept of the festival makes us wonder why it didn’t happen before. It was really something that was crying out to be done. If so many Gypsy communities of the world can trace their lineage back to Rajasthan, how perfect can that be to bring together two communities that have originated from here, which is put together in form of music & dance festival. The venue of the festival is incredible. Every performance held at Mehrangarh Fort is improved by its sheer location. It is just so magical that it brings in a new element of exuberance to performances when it’s lit up.

JFG Festival

JJ Valaya 
Fashion Designer’

What a fantastic night! The people, the food, the music, the venue, the moon! It’s just so very ‘Bazaar’. And what a way to celebrate five years … with a meeting of flamenco and gypsy music and dance. It’s perfect!


Pepe Habichuela 
The renowned Flamenco musician, who was one of the participants at the JFG Festival

The well-conceptualized JFG Festival is an emotional experience for Gypsies as it is bringing us back to the roots. Flamenco drives inspiration from the region it lives and this festival gave re-birth to classical flamenco to grow. The fusion with Indian music is the most rhythmic collaboration and it is a new door opened for us. The local artists here beautifully understand the Flamenco music and play it by their heart.

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