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How it began

The festival’s main objective is to promote the link between the Rajasthani folk musicians and the legendary Flamenco and gypsy artists that live around the world. JFG Festival will provide a meeting place for these musicians and dancers, and create a platform for their creative energy which can be shared with the world. It will highlight the rich heritage of Rajasthan and the importance of keeping folk music alive, as well as presenting a more contemporary view of desert music and dance. JFG would like to trace the routes that the nomadic gypsies of Rajasthan and Northern India took thousands of years ago, find artists with a gypsy background and bring them back to their ancestral roots.


His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh II
Managing Trustee of the Mehrangarh Museum Trust & JFG Festival’s Patron

“The JFG Festival is playing an important role in preserving the musical heritage of Rajasthan, giving significance to our local folk musicians who have been an important part of our rich culture for hundreds of years. Bringing musicians and dancers together on stage from diverse gypsy traditions has given our local artists a new outlook on reviving their own musical heritage.
It is with pleasure that I welcome the JFG Festival and the participating artists in March 2016 for another wonderful gypsy experience at the Mehrangarh Fort.”


Cav. Roberto Nieddu
Managing & Artistic Director of JFG Festival

“This project is an historical moment for gypsies around the world. JFG goal is to create a platform where musicians and dancers can share their talents and trace their musical roots back to India and to document this unique passage. Research will be done on groups of gypsies that live in different parts of the world in hopes of bringing them back to Rajasthan to participate in an exchange and ultimately to participate in the Jodhpur Flamenco Gypsy Festival.”


Karni Singh Jasol
Director of the Mehrangarh Museum Trust

“The Mehrangarh Museum Trust is proud to promote cultural events in Jodhpur and the JFG Festival is another way to attract musicians from gypsy and folk backgrounds to participate in new and contemporary fusion music. Flamenco roots are related to Rajasthan and through this new music the common heritage of the gypsies emerges. The JFG Festival attracts people from all over the globe and hosts this spectacular musical experience at the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort, an ideal setting for this exchange of gypsy tradition.”


Cav. Roberto Nieddu
Managing & Artistic Director of JFG Festival

Roberto is one of the main creative forces behind the JFG Festival; this gypsy project has been a work in progress for over three years now. The link between the Rajasthani folk musicians and gypsies from around the world, including Flamenco gypsies, is one worth exploring and tracing their footprint back to India. Roberto has lived in India since 1993 and has been involved in designing and creating his own fusion in architecture and furniture design for over 20 years. Currently he is the Consular Correspondent in Rajasthan for the Italian Embassy in India. He is the founder of CRN Productions, a Centre for Performing Arts in Jodhpur whose aim is to bring artists from around the world and introduce them to the local artists of Rajasthan. With the goal of making Jodhpur a top cultural destination Roberto is giving local artists the opportunity to broaden their horizons and perform in an international arena.


Karni Singh Jasol
Director of the Mehrangarh Museum Trust

Karni Singh Jasol is Director of Mehrangarh Museum Trust, Jodhpur, India. The foundation is recognized by the UNESCO Asia Pacific Award of Excellence, Fassa Bortolo Domus Award, Aga Khan Award for Architectural Conservation.

Jasol is alumni of Maharaja Sayaji Rao University, Baroda where he pursued Art History and Archaeology, he is also a Fulbright and Charles Wallace Fellow.

Karni Jasol Co-Curated the much acclaimed Garden and Cosmos Exhibition, which was exhibited at the Smithsonian and the British Museum.

Karni is team member of two other music festivals – the Rajasthan International Folk Music Festival and the World Sufi Spirit Festival.


Kunal Om Tiwari
Artist Management & Event Rehearsal Coordinator

As a professional entertainer, Kunal has established a brand for himself through pure passion and love for entertainment. A testimony to his ability is the fact that he performed live even before graduating from high school. This is the first step in realizing his vision of building an entertainment mall par excellence, K Capsule Incorporated.

A strategic and innovative thinker with over a decade of experience in the industry he brings an ocean of exposure and intellectual wealth right from conceptualization through seamless execution providing complete event management solutions.

Pursuing Flamenco professionally, he dreams to start his own TABLAO in India.


Sonali Gupta
Executive Head of Events and Logistics

Sonali loves the excitement surrounding an event. Professional perfection is the byword she lives for. She has been associated with some of the best names in the business in a short span of seven years of event management. Sonali brings effective and unique solutions to the table and helps to coordinate all aspects of an event from beginning to end. She is an ardent traveler and is driven by her passion for new places and cultures.


Nimmi Nair
PR & Marketing Communications

Nimmi’s ability to get along with everybody and her inquisitive nature keeps her abreast with all the current happenings. Add her amazing organizational skills and she makes a commendable pr & marketing support. She brings method to the madness!

Growing up in Mumbai, with over 6 years of experience in PR & Marketing Communications she has developed strong visual skills and an ability to translate marketing ideas and design concepts across all organizational levels.

She’s passionate about traveling and loves travel stories!

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

The Jodhpur Flamenco and Gypsy Festival will take place at Jodhpur’s prestigious Mehrangarh Fort, 400 mt above the city. One of India’s largest, the fort boasts opulent interiors and expansive courtyards.×250
Professional photography by Indian photographer Naina Redhu
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