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Chano Dominguez

Latin jazz pianist Chano Dominguez makes post-bop, fusion, and flamenco influenced music that often references his Andalusian roots. Born in Cadiz in 1960, Dominguez started playing flamenco guitar around age 8 before moving on to the piano.


In his twenties he formed the progressive Latin rock ensemble CAI who released three albums for CBS. After the group disbanded in 1981, Dominguez pursued a solo career. He quickly garnered several awards for his innovative mix of flamenco and jazz, including winning First Prize in the National Jazz Competition for Young Interpreters in 1992. A year later, he released his debut solo album, Chano and relocated to New York City. Since then he has released a steady stream of forward-thinking, cross-cultural albums including 1997’s En Directo, 2001’s I Si!, 2002’s Hecho a Mano, 2004’s Dawn That Dream, 2006’s Acercate Mas, 2007’s New Flamenco Sound, and 2008’s Cuentos del Mundo. In 2012, Dominguez released Flamenco Sketches, a re-visionising of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, and more.

Pepe Habichuela

Pepe Habichuela

Guitarist Pepe Habichuelas has become the central figure in Flamenco in the last half century. He played with the biggest of the musicians like Enrique Morente, Don Cherry, and many more. He colloborated with prominent figures of Jazz and Indian Musicians. He plays with composer and producer Nitin Sawhney and the portentous Bollywood Violinist, Chandru. He has also worked on a music album “Traveller” with Anoushka Shankar. He came to India for the first time in November 2013 with his son Josemi Carmona to launch the JFG Festival in New Delhi.


Guitarist Pepe Habichuelas has become the central figure in flamenco in the last half century. He was crucial in the path of Enrique Morente and usual with great singers of the time, he also collaborated with prominent figures of jazz and Indian music.

Guitarist Pepe Habichuelas (Granada, 1944) certainly stands out amongst a few of the most influential and rich in flamenco figures for the past half century. In his career, he coincided an intense relationship with Enrique Morente and relationship with many of the great singers of the time, Juanito Valderrama and Camarón de la Isla Bernarda de Utrera and Carmen Linares. He had an open and restless sensibility that lead him to collaborate with jazz greats, as is currently the bassist Dave Holland and trumpeter Don Cherry and also with Hindu musicians such as composer and producer Nithin Sawhney or the portentous Bollywood Strings violinist, Chandru.

Following the footsteps of his elder brother John Habichuelas, Pepe Habichuelas established the fundamental grenadine Flemish ancestry in Madrid in 1964 that was soon joined by his brothers Carlos and Luis, who are also guitarists. He frequented the legendary tablao Torres Bermejas, and then began his collaborations with Juanito Valderrama and Camarón de la Isla, who was very young and had newly arrived in the capital. But even in the sixties, it was Enrique Morente who displayed a more prolonged and intense artistic relationship. It bore fruit in albums like “Taking off” (1977) and “Tribute to Don Antonio Chacón” (1977, National Award discography).

Pepe Habichuelas discography has resulted in three albums that are extremely influential. “I only saved when I felt the need to bring something new, something different, I’m like, I’ve done three albums and three different notes” The first, “A Mandeli” (1983), featured collaborations Joselito Soto, Sorderita, Ray Heredia, Carles Benavent and Rubem Dantas, and opened the movement that was known as “Flemish Youth” led by Ketama, a group led by his nephews and his son, also a guitarist Josemi Carmona. In “String bean sticks” (1994) featured Josemi Carmona as producer and “Yerbagüena” (2004) was the result of a joint project with Chandu and Bollywood Strings.

In the first decade of the new millennium Pepe Habichuelas long has undertaken international tours with bassist Dave Holland, closely linked to Miles Davis, Stan Getz and Chick Corea amongst other jazz greats. This relationship has emerged the “Hands” (2010) album.

The Meet in flamenco history and the concert he gave in Seville Flamenco Biennial 2006 became memory for fans. In granaína and solea who played alone, or fandango with his brother Carlos, exhibited neatness, jondura and resourcefulness that distinguish Pepe Habichuelas especially and not only by extension, to the guitar school Habichuelas family.

Josemi Carmona

Josemi Carmona

He has played a leading role in Spain’s recent music history. Born into one of the great Flamenco clans, the Habichuelas (his father is the legendary guitarist Pepe Habichuela), he was also a long-time member of the hit band Ketama. Only someone with his incredible musical carisma could shape the melting-pot of different cultures. He has visited India many a times and came back to India in November 2013 to work with the Rajasthani Musicians to launch of the JFG Festival held in New Delhi on 21st November 2013.


Josemi Carmona “Las pequeñas cosas” [“Thelittlethings”] Universal MusicSpain, 2011.

Josemi Carmona has played a leading role in Spain’s recent music history, and in the way the country’s guitar music has developed over the last few years. Born into one of the great flamenco clans, the Habichuelas (his father is legendary guitarist Pepe Habichuela), he was also a long-time member of the hit band Ketama. Las pequeñas cosas is Josemi’s first album as a solo artist.

As the CD shows, his tastes and talents cover a broad musical spectrum. There’s flamenco, past and present (with guest appearances from such luminaries as Paco de Lucía, Manuel Carrasco, el Bandolero and Piraña, amongst others). Then there are converts from the world of jazz – DaveHolland, no less, plays bass on one track. The album’s roster of international guest artists also includes pop singer-song writers Jorge Drexler and Alex Cuba, and musicians from the worlds of electronica and hip-hop – Norway’s Bugge Wessel toft provides string arrangements as well as playing piano/synths, and French rapper Oxmo Puccini brings his free-flowing style to the party too. All of them brought enthusiasm and commitmentto a debut álbum that’s bound to get people talking.

A work of this scale and variety needs some one to bring it order and harmony – and it’s Josemi who creates the overall feel. His music, his guitar, his playing, his sound… Only someone with his incredible musical carisma could shape the melting-pot of different cultures and personalities on Las pequeñas cosas into a meaningfulwhole. This is the sound of Josemi Carmona – it’s as simple as that. It’s the sound of someone who understands both the traditional and the contemporary – just listen to his arrangement of an extract from Puccini’s Tosca then his version of Gran Torino. And it’s the sound of the freshest, most innovative and essential pop, jazz and flamenco around…

Josemi Carmona’s sound is unique. His music is unique. And his album of “littlethings” proves one very big thing: he may already have given us plenty to talk about, but the best is yet to come…


  • Las pequeñas cosas (JOSEMI CARMONA, 2011)


  • La pipa de kiff (1986)
  • Songhai (1988)
  • Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos (1990)
  • Karma (1990)
  • Canciones hondas (1991)
  • Pa ́ gente con Alma (1992)
  • El arte de lo invisible (1993)
  • Shonghai 2 (1994)
  • De akí a Ketama (1995)
  • Konfusión (1997)
  • Sabor Ketama (1998)
  • Toma Ketama! (1999)
  • Dame la mano (2002)
  • 20 pa’ Ketama (2004)

He has collaborated and shared stage with:

Miguel Bosé, Alejandro Sanz, Coti, Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, Pepe Habichuela, NittinSahwney, Djavan, Chick Corea, Diego el Cigala, Enrique Morente, Estrella Morente, Ruben Rada, Michel Camilo, Arturo Sandoval, Paquito de Rivera, Giovanni Hidalgo, Estopa, Pau Dones, Ojos de Brujo, Inma Serrano, Moncho, Niña Pastori, Rosario, Antonio Flores, Orquesta BollyboodString, Presuntos Implicados, Tamtamgo, SoleGimenez, Victoria Abril, Farruco, Chocolate, Fernanda de Utrera, Juan Valderrama, Carles Benavent, Jorge Pardo, Lolita, Juanes, Banda Eva, Ana Belen, La Barbería del Sur, Khaled…

And also has participated in diferent sound tracks in films like: Flamenco Flamenco (Carlos Saura 2010), Pájaros de papel (Emilio Aragón 2010)

As producer, he has worked with:

  • KETAMA (withJuan and Antonio Carmona)
  • LA BARBERIA DEL SUR: La barbería del sur (1992)
  • PEPE HABICHUELA, Habichuela en rama (1997) y Yerbagüena (2001)
  • NIÑA PASTORI, Cañailla, (with Alejandro Sanz y EmanuelleRuffinengo, 2002)
  • HOMENAJE A JEROS (withAlejandro Sanz, Jarabe de Palo, Los Chichos, Niña Pastori, Lolita, Marina Heredia, Duquende, Montse Cortés, Pepe Habichuela, José Soto Sorderita, Farruquito, Pepe Luis Carmona, 2002)
  • CLARA MONTES, A manos llenas (2009)
  • JOSEMI CARMONA Las pequeñas cosas (2011)


A fascinating fusion of Indian and Flamenco music.

Indialucia is a unique musical project that fuses two fascinating styles: Indian and Flamenco. Their 2005 self-titled album expresses both the human and melodic union of these two cultures. Recorded between 1999 and 2004, predominantly in India and Spain, the album brings together many artistes from both traditions. The end result is a masterful blend of kinetic percussion, punctuated by fiery fretwork and soaring vocal improvisations. Indialucia demonstrates, for the first time, the elements of gypsy and flamenco music with its Indian roots, fused into one breathtaking artform.


The album of the group INDIALUCIA was distinguished with 1st prize in Wirtualne Gesle’s “Best Album of the Year 2005”, was awarded 2nd music critics’ prize at the New Tradition competition for the “Folk Phonogram of 2005”, and received a nomination for Fryderyk 2006 as the best album of World Music in Poland. The music from the album was used as the soundtrack for the Hollywood movie “Boondock Saints II”.

They have performed and collaborated individually and as a group with world renowned music maestros like Dr.L.Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurti, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Domingo Patricio, Rafael Cortés, Emam, Pratap Pawar, and Ernie Watts among others. They have also taken part in numerous International music festivals and have toured and performed extensively in USA, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Finland, Romania, Mexico, Oman, Turkey, Singapore and India.

Press Reviews


Agustín Carbonell “Bola”

Agustín Carbonell “Bola” was born in a flamenco family, descendant of Maestro Sabicas. Since his youth he looked for new horizons for this Music, being one of the fundamental pillars of actual Flamenco.

“Bola” brought a new approach to flamenco music by adding features from music all around the globe while creating a jazzy atmosphere. His long travels through the world and his deep studies in Music’s from America, Africa, Asia and Europe has given him a unique sound.

The talent and unique style of “Bola” can be heard in his four records and numerous collaborations. With his last work “Rojo y Rosa” (“Red and Rose”) he assumes the roles of musical author director and creator to offer a different show full of pure flamenco expression.


Agustín Carbonell, El Bola (Madrid, 1967). Flamenco guitarrist, Composer. Agustín belongs to a family of flamencao tradition in attached to excel names as Maestro Sabicas, his father, the singer Agustín Montoya between many others. Following the flamenco tradition since childhood, with a strong linking to flamenco guitar and Music, at the age of 13 he started playing in small local companies and tablaos in Madrid. He started soon to accompany famous artists as El Güito (his uncle), in his international world tours and to participate in spectacles as ‘Cumbre Flamenca’ and ‘Flamenco Puro’, presented in Broadway and Hollywood, with great figures as Fernanda de Utrera, Adela la Chaqueta, Manuela Carrasco, Chocolate, Farruco and Los Habichuela, and many others.

He has crossed more than twenty countries, taking his Music to the five continents. He formed his own group and sound, in the wave of the new Flamenco. He completed his formation in the school “Taller de Músicos” of Madrid. At the age of 22 he recorded his first CD with the seal Nuba Records, named ‘Bola’, which was distributed by the German seal Messidor in more than thirty countries in the Latin jazz catalogue.

He also collaborated with Paco de Lucía’s band, with whom he records three CDs, and with many other Flamenco formations, modern music, jazz and dance companies. He has participated in discs as ‘Misa flamenca’, ‘Fantasía flamenca, para voz y orquesta’ and ‘Negra, si tú supieras’ de Enrique Morente, ‘Los gitanos de la plaza’ of Ramón el Portugués, ‘Las cigarras son quizá sordas’, ‘Veloz hacia su sino’ y ‘2332’ of Jorge Pardo, ‘Chano’ of Chano Domínguez, between many others.

Playing live, his toque has been listened in festivals as “Bienal de Sevilla” or “Veranos de la Villa de Madrid”, as long as jazzistic meetings as Montreal Jazz Festival or Festival de Vitoria.

In 1996 he recorded his second álbum, named ‘Vuelo flamenco’. A year later he travelled to Brazil, where he lived for eight years. During this long stance in the Latin-American country he collaborated with local artists, what allowed him to deepen in its musical culture and open a new stage of creation in his Music. In 2007 he recorded his third album, together with his countryman, Jorge Pardo. Under the seal of Rtve Música, they send “Desvaríos”. This work has been presented in various festivals obtaining a great success in the critics and the public.

Outstanding artists in Flamenco accompained by Agustín:


Antonio Nuñez “Chocolate”, Enrique Morente, Pepe de Lucia, Jose Mercé, Chano Lobato, Rafael Romero El “Gallina”, El Torta de Jerez, El Chato de la isla, El Chino de Málaga, Luis el de la Pica, El Cigala, El Potito, El Indio Gitano, Miguel el Rubio, Ramon el portugués, Guadiana, Juan Jose Amador, Remedios Amaya, Adela del Chaqueta, La Susi, Juana la del Revuelo, Montse Cortes, La Macanita, etc…

Bailaores and Bailaoras:

El Guito, Farruco, Mario Maya, Manolete, Juan Ramírez, Cristóbal Reyes, Antonio Canales, Joaquin Cortes, Joaquin Grilo, Javier Baron, Juan Andres Maya, El Toleo, Antonio del Castillo, Rafael Aguilar, Manuela Carrasco, Angelita Vargas, La Farruquita, La Tati, La Tolea, Carmen Cortes, Carmela and Lola Greco, Blanca del Rey, Sara Baras, etc…

Flamenco-Jazz and Flamenco-Pop groups:

Ketama, Antonio Flores, Ray Heredia, La Barbería, Jose el Frances, Juan Perro, Rosario Flores, Aurora, Jose Antonio Galicia, Chano Dominguez, Carles Benavent, Rubén Dantas, etc..

He has four discs in the national and international market. Su último trabajo, “Rojo y Rosa, Música y Baile del Nuevo Flamenco” has been presented in Madrid, Vienna, and in the Festival La Suma Flamenca of Madrid.

Agustín Carbonell may well be the flamenco guitarist who best knows how to handle himself within the Jazz infrastructure. Carbonell knows how to carry a rhythm as solidly as Tomatito and, further on, create delicate phrasing in the style of Phillipe Cattherine. (La Vanguardia)

He unites flamenco tradition and innovation with the genius of a select few. (The Land of Temptations – Milena Fernandez)


Pablo Dominguez

Born in Cadiz in a musical family, he delved into the word Flamenco and Jazz from a very young age. His father, Chano Dominguez, immersed him into a wealth of musical talent with names such as Tomatito, Luis de la Pica, Antonio Serrano, Piraña and Blas Cordoba. Following this legacy, Pablo started training as a percussionist to then change path, choosing the guitar as instrument of predilection. After years of being self-taught, Pablo moved to Barcelona before crossing borders to London by the age of 21.


Pablo Dominguez

After graduating as a music technology specialist, he became more and more involved in London’s growing Flamenco scene and established himself as a resident guitarist at the iconic venue of Ronnie Scott’s. Pablo performed in shows throughout the UK, Spain, France and Dubai. Also, seeking to develop his skills as a music technician he worked closely with his father on his latest CD and on a production for the Spanish TV channel Antena 3.

A chance encounter with Ruben Perez and Davinia Banos led them to start the band ‘Jardares por Fuera’, that became one of London’s most popular Flamenco/Latin band. With ‘Jardares por Fuera’ he travelled and performed at many UK festivals such as Glastonbury, Secret Garden, Big Chill Festival, LoveBox and Fieldview.

From one encounter to another, Pablo explore London’s buzzing music scene to its fullest, by joining different bands such as Mamanollora (bass), Trovador (guitar) and Maria camahort quintet (percussion). Broadening his horizons, Pablo also strums his guitar for Turkish band Djanan Turan and edges towards more classical music playing percussions for Maria Camahort Quintet.

On the side, Pablo also takes part in various initiatives such as Live Music Now and Breathe, Art Health Research; using his talent to strengthen his community engagements, offering live performances to those who would generally be excluded from this experience.

Currently Pablo continues exploring new genres and creative trends, while at the same time sticking to his musical roots of Flamenco and Latin Jazz. Honing his music technician skills, Pablo aspires to one day start his own project to make his music travel.


Tamar Gonzalez

Tamar was born in Madrid in 1975. She began dancing at 8 years old and at 11 she began her studies at Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico y Danza; studying Classical Ballet and Spanish Dance.


Her artistic career began at age 15 with Compania de Paco Romero in ‘Triptico Flamenco’.

Two years later she joined Compania de Rafael Aguilar featuring in shows ‘Carmen’ ‘Bolero’ ‘Yerma’ ‘Rango’. Simultaneously Tamar danced with experts such as Aurora Bosh, Carmen Roche, Rosa Naranjo, Maestro Granero, Ciro, Paco Romero, Merche Esmeralda, Manolete, Javier la Torre, Antonio Canales, Joaquin Grilo.

This year she will be performing in ‘Cafe de Chinitas de Madrid’.

Tamar has been a part of ‘Compania de Jose Antonio y sus Ballets Espanoles’with choreography such as ‘La Vida Breve’ ‘El Sombrero de Tres Picos’ ‘Goya en Danza’.

Shortly after, she performed with the Losado brothers for three years in ‘Arte y Pasion’ with the Compania de Paco Peña.

In 1999 she joined Compania de Antonio Marquez, El Maestro Granero, Raul Tino, Nuria Leiva …. and performed in shows like ‘Reencuentros’ del Maestro Granero, ‘Movimiento Flamenco’ from Javier la Torre and ‘Despues de Carmen’.

In 2000 she moved to Japan for two years, working as assistant director for “Corazon Flamenco” , Parque Espana.

Throughout the years Tamar Gonzalez has worked at the prestigious Tablaos MADRID in “Las Carboneras” “Casa Patas” “Café de Chinitas” (Madrid-Tokyo) “Corral de la Moreria” “Al-Andalus”

In 2002 she collaborated on the musical “Las Mil y una Noches ….” Produced by Tito Losada and choreographed by Antonio Canales and Juan Andrés Maya; and as well has worked with “Teatro del Duende” in “Entre Palos ” also choreographed by Juan Andres Maya And Pepa Carrasco.

She has worked with companies Diego Llory, Pascal Gaona on “Flamenco F.R” (Ex-Dancer NBS), Francisco Velasco (currently the NBS best dancer), Compania de Bruno Argenta y Natalia Ferrandiz

‘VOY’ directed by Teresa Martin.

Carmen Cortés Company “Mujeres de Lorca”

Compania Maria Pages withshows “Sevilla” and “Canciones antes de una Guerra”, Inaugural Gala of the EU presidency at the Royal Theatre. (2005-2008)

In 2007 she was part of “Flamenco Youth of the 21st Century” for the Tablao el Cordobes de Barcelona.<

In 2008 she worked on “La EXPO de Zaragoza” with Compania de Alfonso Losa.

In 2010-2011, she participated in “Tablao de Carmen” in Barcelona as guest artists from Flamenco Youth.

In 2012, worked with Compania de Alfonso Losa in “Festival of Albuquerque”. Tamar was also teaching at the same time.

Currently working with Agustin Carbonel “El Bola” on his show ‘Rojo y Rosa’; and as well in Madrid Tablaos “Las Carboneras” “Villa Rosa” “Casa Patas” “Cantares”.

As a teacher she has taught in the School of Music and Dance in Alcobendas, Fundacion Casa Patas, Festival de Albuquerque”, and in Germany.


Karen Lugo

She is a dancer of young generation with a splendid technique and a strong personality, equipped not only with modern Flamenco but also with the Traditional Dances that really makes her perfect for this festival. She has been awarded at various International Dance Festivals held across the world. She has already worked on various projects done by CRN Production in India and has made herself well versed with the Rajasthani Musicians.


Mexican born dancer, Karen Lugo was awarded first prize in Almeria’s I Flamenco Festival, first place in Finland’s Flamenco Festival of Contemporary dance and third place as choreographer of the XVII Spanish and Flamenco dance contest of Madrid.

In 2009 she participated as a soloist in “Sangre Nueva, Jovenes Flamencos” Festival at the Teatro Español of Madrid, later that year she performed in the XIV Festival de Jerez, “Los Novissimos” edition.

She has collaborated in the show “Rojo y Rosa” of Agustin Carbonell “El Bola” as a dancer and choreographer performing in Festival “Suma Flamenca de Madrid”, Austria’s Flamenco Festival, and the Lara Theatre of Madrid.

Under the direction of Javier Latorre, she participated in the film “Flamenco Flamenco” of Carlos Saura, and as principal dancer in the show “El Duende y el Reloj”.

Choreographer and dancer in the ensemble Flamenco Roots in collaboration with Indian/Rajastani musicians.

In 2011 she presented “Flamencura” in Ramallah, Israel in collaboration with Casa Patas Flamenco foundation.

In May 2012 she was invited by Juan Carlos Lerida, to participate in an artist and residence investigation and creation in the Flamenc Empiric at the Mercat de les Flors,in Barcelona.

She has collaborated with the renowned group “Ojos de Brujo” in festivals throughout Spain and France.

She danced as a soloist in the show Dressed to Dance in the Tchaikowsky Concert Hall of Moscow under direction of Carlos Chamorro.

In November 2012 she premiered her show “Flamenco Territorio DeMente” in Seattle, which led to a U.S. tour in cities such as Olympia, L.A., and Washington DC.

In June of 2013 she performed with Jorge Pardo in “Suma Flamenca” Festival in Madrid.

With Israel Varela, she create Made in Mexico Duo, doing collaborations and tours with musicians from Dubai, L.A., Italy and Spain.


Jorge Pardo

He is a saxophone and flute player, he is one on the most outstanding and consistent revelations of the flamenco/jazz fusion.


He started studying at the Madrid Conservatory when he was fourteen years old. Soon, he oriented his career towards jazz, and he was one of the founders of Dolores ( with Pedro Ruy Blas ). He is one of the most International Spanish jazz players. He entered the flamenco world carried by Paco de Lucía, and he has achieved a new blending of the more traditional jazz with flamenco. His playing style, with the cross flute as well as the saxophone, has become a referential point.


Jaco Abel

Chameleonic musician • sensitive • innovator … Encircled by some of the most relevant artists, in the Spanish Gypsy Flamenco tradition and through his career has worked with many of the best known musicians from the modern music world of today.


From the Gypsy Flamenco world and his roots, he has worked with:

Estrella Morente, Barbería del Sur, José “el Francés”, Niña Pastori, Joaquín Cortes, Ketama, Barbería del Sur, Bernardo Parrilla, Antonio Carmona, Javier Colina, Pata Negra, Farruquito, Pepe Habichuela, Luis Amador, Diego del Morao, Guadiana, Carles Benavent, Tomatito, Niño Josele, Jorge Pardo, Chano Dominguez, Ramón “el Portugués”, Diego Amador, Enrrique Piculabe, Antonio “Agujetas”, Jose “Salao”, etc…

From his musical adventures and travels, he has worked with Jazz greats such as:

Jimmy Smith, M’Shelle N’Dege O’Cello, Candy Dulfer, Tower of Power, Luis Salinas, Larry Harlow, Jimmy Cobb, Christian McBride, Terence Blanchard, Nicholas Payton, Bob Sheppard, Howard Johnson, Peter Erskine, Thijs van Leer, Jeff Ballard, Larry Harlow (Fania all Stars), Meddy Gerville, Jovino Santos Neto, Vince Mendoza, Jerry Gonzalez, Alex Acuña, Sammy Figueroa, Rabih Abou Khalil, Gino Vannelli, Bombino, Mino Cinelu, etc…

Jaco Abel has worked and collaborated with international brands and organizations:

Dior, Loui Vuitton, Spanish Embassy, Instituto Cervantes, Holland and Bosnian Departments of Culture, Amnesty International, Spanish Olympic Commission, Endemol, Hendrix Foundation USA, Catalan Government Cultural Depatment, CSUN Jazz Band Los Angeles USA, etc …

A complete different way of aproaching the electric guitar, coming from his Spanish gypsie’s flamenco inheritance, self-taught on his instrument, Jaco Abel’s revealing work on “Flamenco Electrico” 2006 opened the door to a new sound and introduced the Electric Flamenco Guitar into the traditional flamenco music from Spain, as well as giving a new prospective and a twist in to the electric guitar world.


  • 2013 Jaco Abel’s music theme Flamenco Electrico is performed by the multi-awarded Spanish National Synchronize Duo with Ona Carbonell and Paula Klamburg at the FINA WORLD TROPHY in Mexico.
  • 2013: Salao & Jaco Abel Flamenco Electrico, offered 20 concerts in main citys all around Spain, atending the music program “Diversons” promoted by the Catalan Bank “la Caixa.”
  • 2012: Top 10 legendary African Tuareg guitarist and singer Bombino performed together with Jaco Abel Flamenco Electrico in Barcelona, mixing for the first time traditional Desert music and Flamenco live on stage.
  • 2011: Jaco’s third CD “Ayaya Electric Flamenco Guitar”, was finalist for the prestigious Award ‘FLAMENCO HOY’ 2011, selected by the independent Spanish National Flamenco Critics in the category of Best Instrumental Record. This Award in the Flamenco world has the prestige and is compared to the American Grammys. Is given by 70 of the best Flamenco journalists and specialize press from Spain.
  • 2010: Jaco recorded live in NY the eight-minute lead chart of the track “Solea,” with flamenco and electric guitar; a version of the great Gil Evans/Miles Davis original from the record “Sketches of Spain”. The upcoming CD “Miles from Spain,” was produced and arranged by Grammy winner Bob Belden, directing a classical orchestra and a group with Carles Benavent, Sammy Figueroa, Alex Acuña and others… ​​​​The upcoming release 08/31/2011 is a live DVD and CD “Miles from Spain” 50th Anniversary, also featuring great artists such as Chick Corea, John Scofield, Jack DeJohnette, Ron Carter, Sonny Fortune, Eddie Gomez, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Antonio Sanchez, Rabih Abou-Khalil, etc…
  • 2009: In August,  Jaco had the honor of performing at the Miles Davis Tribute at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. Orchestra directed by Vince Mendoza, featuring Jimmy Cobb, Peter Erskine, Nicholas Payton, Christian McBride, etc… In May, he performed a solo guitar concert, sharing the night with Ana Hasler and Lenny Kravitz for the world presentation of the Madrid Tennis Open, and the presentation of Madrid as a candidate city for the 2016 World Olympics.  Jaco was honored to perform this concert in the presence of the Spanish President José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the Madrid’s community president Esperanza Aguirre and the city’s mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon.
  • 2007: Release of the DVD “Flamenco Electrico” a live recorded concert at the Barcelona International Jazz Festival with his gypsie sextet, especial guest, Pepe Habichuela.
  • 2006: Release of second solo CD “Flamenco Electrico” a Flamenco music CD, played all on electric guitar; establishing the first reference of this instrument in the Flamenco world and with the valuable collaborations of: Ramón “el Portugues”, Ana Salazar, Paquete, Pepe Habichuela, Jorge Pardo, Luis Amador, Luki Losada, Manuel, Bernardo and Juan Parrilla, Pepe Luis Carmona, etc…
  • 2005: Represents Spain with his record Gitano Cromatico in Eurojazz, a music Festival organized every year that contains one group from every country of the European  Economical Community. This edition was hosted in the National Center of Arts in the city of Mexico.
  • 2003: Release of his first work as a soloist “Gitano Cromatico” with Jeff Ballard, Josep Cucurella, Thijs van Leer,  Ramon Valle, Benjamin Herman, Jaime Rodriguez, etc… A cd containing world music influences from the American continent mixed with flamenco. rhythms.

As an educator:

Teaches several “master-classes”, on a practice level he explains the techniques from the Electric Flamenco Guitar, and the Flamenco Guitar with material from Ramón Montoya, Sabicas, Niño Ricardo, etc… And more theoretic, explains history and evolution of Flamenco music, with multiple audio and video examples from all periods.

As a producer and together with all the musical activity, Jaco owns an independent record label, “GCProducciones” and an Online music store “” where he is producing, playing and releasing, a series of cds all related to the flamenco world as:

Bernardo Parrilla, Carles Benavent, Diego de Morao, Adam del Monte, Guadiana, Erik Zobler, Moy Natenzon, Paquete, Tomatito, Los Losada, Los Rubio, Adam Rapa, Jorge Pardo, Jose “el Francés”, Manuel Parrilla, Victor Little, Luis Amador, Pablo Ruben Maldonado, Luki Losada, etc…

Among other Recordings:

***Estrella Morente.”Calle del Aire” Virgin Records, España

***Triana Heredia. “Fragua Futura” Nuevos Medios

***La Barbería del Sur. “Negri y Paquete” Warner Music Spain

***José el Francés.”Jugando al Amor” BMG Music Spain

***Jay Tee.”Play da bass”. Candy Dulfer, Alain Caron, David Garibaldi y Mike Stern…Hot Wire Records, EFA.

***Gerardo Rosales. “El Venezolano” A-Records marketed by Challenge

Sound Tracks:

  • 2004 Soundtrack “Making off” from “The Passion of the Christ”. Mel Gibson.
  • 2004 “Zahira la que florece” Movie about the Madrid terrorist attempts on March 11th, final sequence. Canal+.
  • 2005 Short movie “Las Hormigas” by Tina Rodriguez.
  • 2009 Flamenco music for the inauguration gala of the Magic Box tennis venue and the opening of the 2009 Madrid Tennis Open, also presenting the Candidature of the city of Madrid for the 2016 world Olympics.

​Press Quotes:

  • A piece of work that time will grant the condition of philosophical stone”
  • La Vanguardia – 12/2006. Mingus B. Formentor.
  • “ A record that distinguishes from the usual flamenco fusions, because it searches the inspiration on the antique flamenco “ palos ” and  chantings.
  • El Periodico – 12/2006. Roger Roca.
  • “ With a very special “ duende” in his new work, Jaco Abel makes the CD listening clean, passionate and technically impeccable”
  • Revista Alma 100 – 02/2007. Antonio Valentín.
  • “ With his electric guitar, recovers ancient melodies and harmonies. A trip to the antic flamenco, under the great influence of the maestro Pepe Habichuela”.
  • Acordes de Flamenco – Nº 4 2007.


  • “Flamenco Electrico” of Jaco Abel in Madrid and Barcelona
  • Alma 100, Number 69/2006. A Escribano.

​The past 26 of November was presented at the “Sala Cardamomo” in Madrid the record “Flamenco Electrico” from the electric guitarist Jaco Abel. In his performance in Madrid, Jaco was backed up by Melon Jimenez (flamenco guitar), Bandolero and Juan Carmona “tallarin” on percussion and Joni Cortes on vocals. The night counted with the presence in the audience of Pepe Habichuela, Josemi Carmona, Paquete, etc… that wrapped up this second work of the catalan musician. An original and innovating proposal that adapts the flamenco technics to the electric guitar, and that also was successfully presented on the fist of december in the well known room “Sala Luz de Gas” in Barcelona, inside the 38th edition of the International Barcelona Jazz Festival.

The Electric Flamenco of Jaco Abel

Diario de Cádiz. 13/nov/2006. F Lobaton.

We are in front of a project that is as curious, as it is original. Remembering the music instruments, there are many of them -string, metal or wood- who have been added in to flamenco and its expressive capacity, reserved for many years for the singing and guitar. It comes to my mind for example the piano- already with a large tradition- the flute, the violin and even the electric bass, but the more I think I can’t really remember that some one wanted to do a flamenco record, on electric guitar and sounding on top of it, flamenco.

Behind this proposal we find a “Chromatic Gypsy” (that is the name of his first CD and his record company) Jaco Abel a musician with as rich as an intensive career. In his teens he studied violin, trumpet, music composition and harmony at several music conservatories, around 19 he decided to change his Spanish guitar for an electric, then he perfection his flamenco with Pepe Habichuela (Jaco´s CD is dedicated to him).

He has traveled around the world and played with many different musicians from diverse backgrounds, now a days he lives in Madrid and he has transported the flamenco techniques to his electric guitar. Playing with a pick, he has also all the effects from the flamenco music guitar like: strums, arzapua, fast picking or hits on the guitar top, and even the sound is not usual, he can really makes his guitar sounding flamenco.

The repertory is also flamenco, with soleare, bulerias, tangos, tanguillos, alegrias, and a surprising taranta played alone on his guitar and a fret-less one. The experience calls my attention and I want to know which instrument is he playing. It is not a Fender or any of the traditional brands, he plays guitars made in Holland by the Maestro Daniel Marcovich. The record also has an important group of collaborators that contribute to the flamenco sound, that Jaco looks for, like. Ramón “el Portugués”, Ana Salazar, Jorge Pardo, Paquete, Bandolero, Josemi Carmona, Manuel, Juan y Bernardo Parrilla, and of corse his maestro Pepe Habichuela with whom he plays a Malambo, an Argentinean dance that sounds here with “aire de ida y vuelta”.


Matias Lopez

Born in Barcelona on August 19, 1985 to parents from Extremadura, Catalan musician Matias Lopez Expósito began his artistic journey at the tender age of 12, though it wasn’t until he was 19 years old that he decided to dedicate himself fully to his art.


A versatile musician, though his forte is Cante Flamenco, he has worked with some of the most well-regarded and respected dancers and musicians in the field of flamenco including Esperanza Fernandez, Rafael Jimenez “Falo”, Manolo Marin, Cristina Hoyos, Antonio Canales, Domingo Ortega, Belen Maya, El Junco, Manolo Franco, Andres Peña, Pilar Ogalla, Inmaculada Ortega, Rafael del Carmen, Olga Pericet, Juan Antonio Suarez “Cano”, Rafaela Carrasco, Pedro Cordoba, Miguel Perez, Manuel Liñan, Marco Flores, Pastora Galvan, Rafael Campallo, and Israel Galvan, among others. Despite his young age, he is considered one of today’s most prolific flamenco singers. He currently resides in Seville.


Queen Harish

Born in Jaisalmer, Queen Harish, the dancing whirling Queen of the desert of India, has been performing all over and was one of the protagonists in the award winning film “Gypsy Caravan”.  The last decade, saw Queen Harish everywhere! Guest dancer to World Music best sellers Cheb i Sabbah, Rupa & The April Fishes, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Ghalia Benali and performed at Central Park Summer Stage, LA Getty Centre and major venues across Japan and Europe.


In 2009 and early 2010, she toured solo in Europe, USA and Middle East and joined INDIA, a show designed by the world’s most spectacular show maker Franco Dragone.

Teaching Dance and very appreciated for her fun and entertaining dance classes, the Queen’s most recent dance workshops were sponsored by Terezka ( Sydney ), Kaeshi ( NYC ), Leilainia ( San Diego ), Colleena ( India ), Jenna (Los Angeles), Mishaal (Tokyo), Tania Luiz (Osaka), Salwa (Brussels) … while some devoted fans travelled the road to India to learn by the Queen at her Palace in Rajasthan.

With a first background in Rajasthan Gypsy and Folk dances, the Queen stylised the dance traditions to new heights and aesthetic. Today, her signature show-stopping moves are an influential reference to the new generation of Rajasthani dancers.

While touring the world, Queen Harish was introduced to the Belly dance and its community by Tamalyn Dallal at Miami Orientalia in 2002 where she met Amar Gamal, Kaeshi and Jenna of the Belly queens.

Fascinated since childhood by the magic of Indian Cinema, Queen Harish, the dancer with a stage presence to burn, is now ready to enlighten the Indian screen to new sensation and showcase the Queen’s so many disparate sources of dances in a seamless flow to express her very own emotional response to the music!


Carlos Carmona

Carlos Carmona Gonzalez (Flamenco Guitarist and Composer)  He born in Madrid on 29th July 1984, He is the son of flamenco guitarist CARLOS HABICHUELA and dancer/singer ANTONIA GONZALEZ Pescaílla “THE GIRL”.  He comes from one of the greatest dynasties of Spain Flamenco “LOS HABICHUELAS”, and also he is grandson of Fabulous rumbero ANTONIO GONZALEZ “EL PESCAILLA”.


He made his first album with UNIVERSAL MUSIC with KIMI -K group, after he returned from

Spain and Europe, sharing the stage with : LOS VAN VAN, PAULINA RUBIO, ROBI DRACO,
KETAMA and etc…

Worked as a musician with : JOSEMI CARMONA, JOSE EL FRANCES, ANTONIO CARMONA, PEPE HABICHUELA, ROSARIO FLORES, EL Negri, AURORA LOSADA, Carles BENAVENT etc…In 2010 he get involved himself in the project created by the great MARIO PACHECO and made  an encounter between HABICHUELA PEPE AND DAVE HOLLAND and recorded an album for UNIVERSAL MUSIC, HANDS.

He got some magnificent results during his tour to Spain and Europe.
Currently he is performing with Niña Pastori and recording his next album with KIMI -K group.


Jose "Bandolero"

Flamenco percussionist

Ruiz began his career as a very young man accompanying flamenco dancers such as Antonio Canales, Joaquín Cortés, Joaquín Grilo, Javier Barón, Manuela Vargas , Merche Esmeralda, Sara Baras and Farruquito.

He was part of Compania Joaquín Cortés for awhile and was touring the best venues in the world including: Radio City Music Hall in New York, the Royal Albert Hall in London and the Sydney Opera House.


He has played and still plays regularly with the likes of Enrique Morente, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, Pepe Habichuela , Enrique de Melchor , Estrellla Morente, Diego el Cigala , Montse Cortés and Juan Carmona and many others.

Ruiz and Ramón Porrinas de Echegaray are the co-founders of a flamenco percussion group who published their first CD in 2002 called ‘Calle Echegaray’.

Throughout his career Ruiz has collaborated with musicians such as Chano Domínguez, Jorge Pardo, Tino di Geraldo , Javier Colina , Larry Coryell, Carles Benavent, Rubem Dantas , Dave Holland , Pat Metheney , La Barberia del Sur, Ketama and Nina Pastori.

He has recorded with renowned artist Enrique Morente in: Omega , Lorca, Pequeno Reloj, Suena la Alhambra and as well in latest work with  Pablo de Málaga as his assistant in artistic production.

He is one of music producer Javier Limón’s regular contributors and recently participated in the Gala Music Awards.

He is currently a member of Jorge Pardo’s band and in 2013 was declared the Best Jazz Musician in Europe; he accompanies the flamenco dancer Concha Jareño in her shows


Rafael Jiménez "Rafita"

He was born in Madrid on July 28, 1981. He began his career at the early age of 10 yrs old in private parties and soon began working at the top Tablaos Madrid (casa patas, cafe de chinitas, corral de la Pacheca). Rafael soon discovered Diego el Cigala and collaborated on his album, Picaso en mis Ojos.


He has since collaborated on many other flamenco and pop recordings and has recorded albums with names such as Diego del Morao, Manuel Parilla and Paquete.

Later on Rafael worked with the best dance companies, the National Ballet, with Joaquín Cortés, José Greco, and many other great artists.

Currently he works with the best flamenco guitarists including Tomatito, Josemi Carmona, Paquete, Jesús del Rosario, Amos Lora to name a few.


Pol Vaquero

Born in Cordoba, he has being formed in Classical Ballet, Classical Spanish, Contemporary and Flamenco dance. He graduates from Real Conservatorio de Córdoba. He has being part of the shows  “Torero” and “Gitano” under Antonio Canales direction.


He worked for many years in ¨Ballet Nacional de España¨ as a soloist. In 2007 he presented his work “Antojo” in Barcelona and after he did a tour in Brasil.

He has collaborated with great musicians such as Vicente Amigo or Pedro Ojesto. Actually he works with the company “Arrieritos”.


Kike Terron

Enrique Terrón Duque was born in Madrid in 1984, he began to specialize in percussion at the age of 14. In 2004 he did a tour in the U.S. and Mexico with Antonio Najarro´s company and shared stage with Ensamble Nuevo Tango. One year later he joined María Pagés Company with the show “Back to Sevilla” represented in the Bunkamura Theater in Japan among others. Soon begins to share the stage with great guitar players such as Juan Manuel Cañizares and José María Gallardo with the show “Mano a Mano”, Enrique de Melchor or Amir Jhon Addad and singers like José Menese, Carmen Linares, Juan Moneo “El Torta” or Sandra Carrasco.


He also participates in dance companies as Chanta la Mui (Marco Flores, Daniel Doña and Olga Pericet ) and different shows with dancers like Manuel Liñan , Concha Jareño, Belén Lopez, Rocio Molina, Pedro Cordoba, Guadalupe Torres, Jesus Carmona .. among others.

Actually  he is part of the “Ballet Nacional de España” in the show “Suit Sevilla”, he is also Carmen Liares and Dani de Morón percussionist, combining this with other projects of music and dance.


Guillermo Campa

Campa holds a bachelor of Arquitecture. He has worked as a theatrical stage designer and theatrical scenic painting. He´s built his career around different visual arts.  Guillermo possesses a strong experience in performing arts, working as a theatrical actor for the last 15 years. His international experience in México, USA, Italy and Spain includes a great diversity of roles with different companies.


Guillermo`s expertise as a professional canvas painter is carried with great skill by using different styles and techniques and embracing different mediums. His work includes painting based in religious and philosophical concepts, and developing ideas with elements of spirituality and mysticism.

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